Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Whanaungatanga term 1

2016-04-11 14.41.15 (1).jpg

This is my Whanaungatanga.  Miss Hills had to take a photo of me and print the photo.
Then  Miss Hills would give me my photo.   and I’ll cut the center and then dye it.

In the middle is my identity did it with whaea Tony.  On the right hand side is my family my mum, dad, sister and brother and me.  And next to it  is where I live if you don’t know the flag it’s New Zealand.

And here is my whale I made it’s call a right whale maori use to haunt them.

Manaakitanga mean to me is maner helpful and other stuff

Whanaungatanga mean to me is loving included and sense of belonging.

Up top is my Mihi that I did with my class and Miss Hills.

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